Training courses

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Operational Driving of Vehicles

Become an active driving expert to avoid all the dangers of the road and navigate from point A to point B without any problems. This training will teach you the basics of gear shifting, drifting, driving with your feet and controlled rollover. Optional: shoot and drive without looking at the road.

Dynamic Shooting and Special Operations

Master the theory of shooting in its different teleological meanings (inner, outer and terminal ballistics, impetus, probable circular deviation, Coriolis force, age of the captain…). Become an outstanding shooter with our operational training focused on mastering firearms of all categories, from beginner to expert.

Art of Escape

Don’t be afraid of being imprisoned anymore, since with our advanced training, you will be able to escape from any situation: kidnapping, prison, family dinner, etc. Nothing will resist you anymore, neither the handcuffs, nor the locks, nor the car trunks.

VIP Escort

Control the escort of sensitive people or goods through our techniques inherited directly from the Special Forces: wearing sunglasses, looking around, keeping your hand in your inner pocket, pressing the button on your headset, etc.

Combat Sports

Because a fighter without a fight is not really a fighter, we offer you training courses in the most effective and proven combat sports and martial arts on the planet: krav-maga, Thai boxing, pilates, sambo, etc. There is something for all tastes and styles, always with one goal in mind: to break bones.

Risk Analysis

Learn to assess the threats and vulnerabilities of your objectives and attack plans, in order to adapt your strategies to the realities on the ground. Risk analysis will allow you to operate in a controlled environment, increasing your knowledge of impacts and frequencies.

Installation and Cleaning of Listening Devices

Our team masters all the techniques to install microphones (in buildings or vehicles, for example), in order to optimize the listening of your targets. It is also trained in the detection and suppression of stealth listening devices.

Close Security

Because remote security is always less effective than close security, we offer you a range of tailor-made services to protect you and your property. Trust our overtrained burly agents who, at the risk of their lives, will defend your physical integrity. No sacrifice is too much for our agents to escort you and remove any threat that may arise. Detection and elimination is our credo.

Offensive Cyber Operations

Cyberspace is threatening, and you deserve the best protection. And since the best defense is attack, you can rely on our offensive security experts to organize large-scale operations. Information recovery, database compromising, system infiltration, our highly skilled consultants will satisfy all your requests.

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